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 is an Intellectual Property (IP) consulting and licensing services company established to provide innovative guidance and assistance to an International client base in all factors of IP including licensing and monetization.  Clients include Fortune 100 companies, individual inventors and investment firms.
 delivers a broad set of IP services that are customizable to each individual client’s needs and goals including: patent, trademark and technology licensing (in-bound, out-bound and cross-licensing), licensing program development, patent sales and acquisitions, IP negotiations, patent portfolio analysis/development, - as well as other areas relating to effective management and monetization of IP, internationally and in the US. 
In general, companies require a very broad set of specialized skills and experience in order to successfully address its Intellectual Property (IP) needs and to effectively execute, manage, and navigate the complex and often overlapping IP issues required to properly and effectively manage its IP regime.
 directly provides experienced Licensing Professional resource(s) with the comprehensive set of skills (e.g. technical, IP contracts, IP legal knowledge, IP financial issues, negotiation, business development, strategy, planning, IP process management, leadership, etc.) required to effectively identify, address and manage the myriad of complex issues and tasks that arise in and are an integral part of the IP activities and targeted services provided to the client.